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Why Mental Health First Aid is so important?

Stress, anxiety, depression, feeling burned out, going through a rough patch, losing a loved one, worrying for a child, and so much more. They are only examples of what we, or people we love, may go through in life. Mental health is often the invisible part of a person's life.


There is still so much stigma attached to mental health challenges and illnesses. But there is a lot of hope and discussion starts to happen.

Mental Health for All has a mission: to contribute to those discussions about mental health, as well as to share and educate with respect and an open mind with many other Australians.

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid is a powerful training tool designed to increase your knowledge about mental illnesses or conditions, treatments, and first aid actions as you'd do to someone suffering from a physical illness or injury. This training will boost the confidence often needed to take action when it feels very tricky and taboo to talk about something. It will provide you with the skills and tools to support everyone in the workplace and the community in general. And ultimately, it reduces the stigma around mental health challenges, illnesses, addictions, and other issues and behaviours that are often hidden, dismissed, and judged.

Mental Health First Aid training in group
Mental Health First Aid group activities

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What is Mental Health First Aid?

The Standard Mental Health First Aid training is a 12-hour course designed for any adult. We're delivering this training face-to-face in Perth metro or in WA regional area as a 2-day training package

What does it cover?

This training covers common mental illnesses that people in today's society may experience, specifically looking at depression, anxiety, psychosis, and substance use problems. The mental health crises covered: suicidal thoughts and behaviours, panic attacks, traumatic events, severe psychotic states, severe effects from alcohol or other drugs, and how to de-escalate aggressive behaviours. 

What is the outcome?

Once you have completed this 2-day training you will be a qualified Mental Health First Aider which you can apply in the workplace and in your personal life. Once you have completed a short assessment, after the training has been provided, you will receive your accreditation which is valid for 3 years.

Who is Mental Health First Aid organisation?

It is a not-for-profit organisation created in Australia by Betty Kitchener and Professor Tony Jorm. Their mission is to develop mental health and mental illnesses training and research. It is internationally recognised and has licensed providers in 27 countries, and has trained over 5 Million Mental Health First Aiders so far.

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